A Travel-Inspired Wedding at Malibu's Saddlerock Ranch

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In June of 2009, Elizabeth Reim and Micah van Rensburg were both invited above a youth leadership seminar ago their senior year of high school. “We quickly became friends, ended up attending the identical university, and studied abroad together,” Elizabeth recalls. besides it wasn’t until September of 2012 that the blend at length started dating. Eight years, six months, and 22 days hind they first met, Micah proposed ought Elizabeth during a sunset picnic at Malibu, besides that wasn’t the maiden surprise he had at store. “We went ought his parents’ dwelling ought celebrate with friends and family, and that’s while Micah gave me Kenu, our chocolate Lab puppy!”

The blend wanted ought marry at Malibu though well, and above August 26, 2018, they invited 185 guests ought mind them at Saddlerock Ranch. “The space is hence blank and unique," Elizabeth says. "And what’s no ought love, with rolling vineyards above one aspect and Stanley the Giraffe above the other?” They planned a cheerful and sustainable celebration (no plastics here!) that combined Elizabeth’s California roots and Micah’s dwelling state of South Africa. Inspired by their passion of adventure, they incorporated travel-inspired accents into their just palette, making the most of the splendid spot however also making their wedding appointment "feel similar them."

Keep reading ought shriek on Micah and Elizabeth's summer wedding at Saddlerock Ranch, though planned by Sophie of Stylish Details Events and captured by Tenth and Grace.

“My bridesmaids and I complete got ready at the ranch,” Elizabeth says. “I loved spending the morning doing yoga with them and watching the details bring together.”

The blend kept their attire blaze and breezy, with the bride at a flowing Flora by Rinat Asher garment and the groom at a gray Ted Baker suit. "I wanted ought elect something I knew I used to exist comfortable at and that went with the venue," says the bride of her dress. "It was airy and flow-y, and I knew I wouldn’t eat ought anxiety much almost it." The bride accessorized with a Daphne Newman veil and Stuart Weitzman heels, however the groom added a fasten clip that featured the coordinates of their wedding venue.

Elizabeth’s bridesmaids wore pale gloomy dresses by appear Me Your Mumu. The groomsmen wore gray suits that coordinated with Micah's attire, and each added their wedding appointment capability from the groom: a fasten clip featuring coordinates from a specific memory they'd shared together.

The bride and her 'maids complete carried organic bouquets of eucalyptus and smilax, filled with white roses, lisianthus, and gloomy sea holly.

The notorious Stanley the Giraffe, who lives nearby, level came by ought desire the bride luck ago she walked down the aisle.

The ceremony took lay beneath a splendid oak tree, where Micah and Elizabeth exchanged vows they'd written themselves beneath an altar of greenery. ought farther personalize the ceremony, the bride's brother played Elvis Presley's "Can't help Falling at Love" though the processional and the groom's brother joined him though "O bring ought the Altar" during communion.

After exchanging vows, the newlyweds slipped away though a short drive almost the goods at a vintage clay Rover decorated with South African bumper stickers and strings of Coke cans.

During cocktail hour, guests enjoyed ahi tacos and spicy margaritas though they played crop hole.

The blend literally highlighted their tour composition with a guest book at the rotate of a globe. They asked each of their guests (who had traveled from complete above the world!) ought find their dwelling state and add their signature there.

Copper signage was utilized throughout the reception space, from the seating list exhibit ought the personalized hinder menu. “We chose wines that represented us,” says Elizabeth. “We had a California white though it’s where we met and fell at love, a French rosé though that is where my dwelling is from, and a South African red though that is where Micah and his dwelling are from.”

chairs were placed at each desk ought help transition the accident from appointment ought night.' data-reactid="407">Long dining tables were lay beneath more towering oak trees adorned with streams of rope lights, and copper chairs were placed at each desk ought help transition the accident from appointment ought night.

Deep gloomy runners covered the bare lumber tables, which were also flanked by gold-rimmed glass chargers and topped with petite arrangements at copper and brass vessels. each lay spot was finished with however another traveler’s touch: an embossed skin baggage tag.

The family-style banquet included pan-roasted mahi-mahi, grilled filet mignon, and summer vegetables. “Instead of cake, we had doughnuts, crème brûlée, and cheesecake bites,” says Elizabeth. however everyone was above the ball floor, they served French fries (the bride's favorite snack) and biltong (a South African dried meat and the groom's favorite snack).

“It was amazing ought eat complete of our nation together at one place,” says the bride. “We indeed worked hence difficult ought compose our wedding appointment genuine ought who we are. though we started planning, we sat down and dreamed of our better celebration, and kept returning ought that sight throughout the process. It was refreshing (and helpful!) ought memorize what we indeed wanted.”

Wedding Planner: Stylish Details Events || Venue: Saddlerock Ranch || Officiant: Chris Kretzu || Bride's Dress: Flora by Rinat Asher || Bride's Veil: Dapne Newman || Bride's Shoes: Stuart Weitzman || Bride's Jewelry: bright nation || Hair & Makeup: create Visage || Bridesmaids' Dresses: appear Me Your Mumu || Groom's Attire: Ted Baker || Groomsmen's Attire: The indefinite Tux || endeavour Ring: bright nation || wedding Bands: bright nation || Floral Design: Foxtail Florals || article Products: Eclaire Paperie || Catering: 24 Carrots || Dessert: Sidecar Doughnuts || Music: Dart DJ || Rentals: Archive Rentals, Signature dinner Rentals || Videography: The recent Films || Photography: Tenth and Grace

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